Hello you fine earth specimens! (and the rest of you too,)

We want to give you all an update and inform everyone that our friend Ben at Titan Base Productions has recently released an update to his Cluck Yegger app on iTunes, and guess what? For a limited time Cluck is available for just $0.99, and that comes with a veritable pantload of virtual white-shelled projectiles. What a bargain!

So, whatโ€™s the big deal with this Cluck Yegger game, you ask? Cluck Yegger was one of our earliest character concepts for SpaceVenture and he plays the major role in the game. (Some of you may remember the fun you had with Cluck’s early working title name. So immature!)

In SpaceVenture, Cluck exists as a character in his own video game reality which players will cross over into as ‘The Feathered Fowl from the Planet Eggo’ at key points in the story, completing objectives that actually help Ace in HIS universe. This nifty little arcade blaster app introduces Cluck to the masses and establishes him as the star of his own video game, a promotional concept we cooked-up before our official Kickstarter campaign launch originally in hopes of raising additional capital for the development of SpaceVenture. Please note though that ultimately not one Buckazoid of backer funds went into the making of this app. Ben has developed Cluck entirely on his own dime and time, a testament to what a dedicated TGFA fan and SpaceVenture supporter heโ€™s been (along with all of you, of course!). And he’s probably not going to be eating any eggs for a while.

So take advantage of this limited time pricing and have some fun with Cluck Yegger. It’s for a worthy cause ๐Ÿ˜‰ Leave some kind reviews (hopefully), and by all means, give Ben some positive feedback on how to continue improving the app.

Scott and Mark